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Few issues

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
Thanks for the great update Donovan!

Couple things I noticed:

1. The alerts are showing up so low in the bottom right corner that you cannot click on the TO reviews. (You can hover over the colored box but the link for TO is so low it doesn't show up)

2. You cannot simply get a hit ID from clicking "Accept" anymore. It takes you to a redirected search page. The only way so far is to right click, copy/paste the ID (if the notification is still showing - they seem to disappear quicker now). Any fix for that?


  • edited December 2017 Chrome
    Thanks for the feedback, linam!

    1. I just checked and I see what you mean. I'll fix that.

    2. Do you mean when you click on Accept and the hit is no longer available? I'm still looking into that. It should be fixable when coming from any links from Turkmaster at least.

    However, I don't think there's currently a way to do that when you click on a link from, say, a forum. I know a lot of people depend on that so I'm looking for a workaround.
  • I have noticed that the Watch this Hit button only shows when there are hits available. When there are none the button doesn't show. It looks like it redirects me to a search rather than the hits page.

    Do you know if this is fixable?
  • It's like I mentioned in #2 above. The new mturk site redirects to a search when there are no hits available so there's no way for Turkmaster to get the HIT information from that page.

    One thing that might be possible is that TM can grab the info when the user clicks the accept button in the pop-up notification, but that won't help if you're coming from another site or script. I haven't thought of a way around this yet but I'm hoping to come up with something.
  • Is there a possible way to Add A Hit Watcher Manually?

    By that i mean if i have the Goupid/Procjectid, could i add a watch for the hit that would accept when found?
  • Not currently but I think I'll end up adding a way to do that.

    I guess as a temporary workaround you could manually put the info in the import text box (you can do an export to see the format it should be in). It seems like that would be annoying to do though. :(
  • A watch hit button on the notification would be great as well.
  • That's a great idea. Didn't even think of doing that. Thanks!
  • Also noticed that the +Auto button brings you to the dashboard.
  • DonovanM said:

    That's a great idea. Didn't even think of doing that. Thanks!

    Hey sometimes it happens. If I knew the code well enough i would write one for myself.
  • @linam Do you use the +Auto button often? I'm asking because I'm thinking about replacing it with a "Watch" button like Bobby mentioned above. It's seems most people don't even know what it does.
  • I don't use it myself - never have in 2+ years using TM. A watch button would be perfect!
  • Okay, I've added the watch button and fixed the issue with the TO being cut off. It'll probably be a while later before I get to some other things but I hope this helps for now.
  • Love it! Thank you!
  • I feel so bad pointing out issues... The button does Auto Accept, It does not however Stop on Accept.
  • No worries. :) Do you mean the "watch" button? I wasn't sure if people would want it to stop on accept by default.
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