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Not working...?

About: ao3 clone subscribe button

Seems like for me on Chrome, the script isn't working and the cloned subscribe button isn't appearing. Is there any way I could adjust this?


  • Hi, wow, sorry for the delayed reply. I just tested this and it seems to be working for me on Chrome - do you know what version of Chrome is having this issue, and would you be able to provide text or screenshot of the console? (Go to a fic where the subscribe button does not appear at the bottom, right click, select "Inspect", and then tab over to "Console" at the top.)
  • Hey, no worries. The version I have right now (it's been updated since the original post, but same thing still happens) is Version 63.0.3239.132.

    Here's a screenshot of the page itself (I don't have any other scripts running or adblock):

    And here's one of the console:
  • Ahhh, thank you for the shot of the page, I think that's cracked it. The script was inserting the subscribe button after the "Add to Collections" button, which it appears doesn't render if you don't own any collections? I've pushed an update to insert after the kudos button instead, which should fix the problem.
  • Very, very late, as it had slipped my mind to reply, but yes, it works perfectly now, and thank you very much for writing it all up.

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