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Incompatible with Greasemonkey 4.0

About: MoreCAPTCHA
edited December 2017 in Script Discussions Firefox
Does not work for me. Script version 1.2. Firefox version 57.0 (64-bit). Windows 10 (64-bit). Greasemonkey 4.0.


  • The script is not broken, the issue is with Greasemonkey after the release of FF 57. Switch to tampermonkey and you will find that it works well.
  • Thanks Kimmy. At first I couldn't even install the script in GM after the FF update. I had to create a completely new browser profile to be able to add scripts. Then after an hour of trial and error, I noticed that the script works only if the site having the reCaptcha widget is loaded under HTTPS. So right now, I don't think I can do anything about it.

    Mirellanmal, may I ask you to change your rating to neutral and the title to something more descriptive?
  • edited December 2017 Firefox

    You are right. It works with Tampermonkey. And I find that it is really nice!

    Are you planning on adding Grasemonkey 4 support?

    I suggest that you add to the description of your script that it is currently incompatible with Greasemonkey.

    It did not work on with Greasemonkey for me. Would not Tumblr use HTTPS?

    Also, Nouvellieu, have you seen this: Greasemonkey 4 For Script Authors?

  • Leaving link to GM issue here for reference:
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