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Turkmaster stopped working after Firefox Quantum update

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
Turkmaster for Mturk won't load at all after todays Firefox Quantum update. I have both Greasemonkey and Turkmaster updated to the latest updates.


  • Still using the old site btw so that's not the problem.
  • Found that it works with Tampermonkey but not Greasemonkey. Leaving this thread up in case it helps others.
  • Thanks for the heads up. I took a quick look and it looks like the new Greasemonkey has changes that break existing scripts. I'm going to read up to find how to make Turkmaster work with the new Greasemonkey and remain compatible with Tampermonkey and older versions of Greamsemonkey.
  • It doesn't look too complicated to get it working with the new GM, so I'll try to get that done soon.
  • Update: Looks like there's a bug in Greasemonkey. I made the compatibility changes needed but now it's not requiring the libraries that Turkmaster is using which is causing errors. Looks like Tampermonkey is the way to go for now.
  • aaaaahhh! I'm having the same problem I think. I'm new to mturking and scripts. went to start working this morning and none of my scripts are showing up. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing. I will keep an eye on this page and see if you guys come up w something. I have linux which I am also new too and can't figure out how to get chrome. ugh!
  • Please let us know when Turkmaster works with Greasemonkey because Tampermonkey is slowing down Firefox. I'd like to switch back to Greasemonkey as soon as it works with Turkmaster. Thanks!
  • I'll try to get it back working with Greasemonkey after I update Turkmaster to support the new worker site. Hopefully GM has been updated to fix the issues I was running into.
  • Thanks. I switched to Violentmonkey instead of Tampermonkey and it's helping a bit but it's still slowing down Firefox. I don't recall Greasemonkey doing that at all.
  • It hasn't slowed Firefox down for me but I might just be lucky. Unfortunately I still haven't had time to see if the Greasemonkey issue is gone but I haven't forgotten about you!
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