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Not Working in Firefox 57 (Quantum)

About: Manga Loader
its not working anymore since i updated my firefox today


  • same with GM4, that shiz went stable and everyone now have it, author must update script

  • edited November 2017 Firefox
    Yup, since I updated to FF 57 and got GreaseMonkey 4 because of it, the script only works partially. The "Load Manga" Button is still displayed, but when clicked it only loads two pages out of a 20-Page Manga chapter. But the author's website seems to be gone...
  • Just use tempermonkey and problem solved
  • Just use tempermonkey and problem solved

    thanks you, its working now
  • But I'd rather have a fix for GM4...

  • So yes the new Greasemonkey 4.1 for 57 has broken a lot of my scripts this being one of them.

    If possible can it be updated to work with GM4.1?
  • Yeah, this is some weird issue with GM 4.1. Even in firefox 52 the script is broken running through GM 4.1.

    Running it with Tampermonkey or even as a bookmarklet works fine.

    Another downside of Grease Monkey and Firefox is that it makes it very hard to debug the script.. (unless someone knows how to set it up to actually see stack traces in the firefox console etc.)
  • I'm pretty sure the problem is that new GM 4 has renamed all the GM functions

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