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Issue on since update to FF57

About: Mouseover Popup Image Viewer
I've created a host rule for a while ago ( but since the update to Firefox 57 and the switch to Tampermonkey MPIV suddenly stopped working on that site. It shows up as an activated script but the entry for the MPIV setup is missing unlike on any other site. I don't know if FF57 or Tampermonkey or this scipt causes the issue, I couldn't find any change on the code on itunes...

Here is an example page:
Full res pic:
Here my host rule: {"d":"","e":"a,img,picture,.we-artwork__image","html":true,"r":"(//is\\d+-ssl\\.mzstatic\\.com/image/thumb/Music.+?)(/source/|\\.jpg/|\\.png/)(.+?)(\\.\\w+)","s":"$1$210000x0w.png"}
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