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Broken with FF57 + Greasmonkey 4.0

About: Automatic Material Dark-Mode for YouTube
edited November 2017 in Script Discussions Firefox
Script doesn't seem to work anymore with the new version of firefox and greasemonkey 4, hope it can be updated as its very useful/


  • edited November 2017 Safari

    @omperus Hi. I didn't see this message earlier. I check Greasyfork messages manually at random times.

    I installed Firefox 57 and Greasemoney 4.0 now, and this script.

    Worked on the 1st try. While logged in and logged out. Multiple page reloads. Manually toggling light mode and letting it re-toggle dark mode, etc. Perfect every time.

    There are three potential things that can be wrong in your case:

    • Either you don't have YouTube's material theme (go to to enable it).
    • Or you have an older version of this script. About a week ago, YouTube changed their design a little bit and I updated the script.
    • Last option: You have some other addon or script which is interferring.

    Please let me know what the solution was. It's one of those 3 things. :-)

    And please update the review (via the Edit button in the top right of this thread) to a good review when it has been solved. I would appreciate if you fix the thread title too. Since it's definitely not broken with "ff57 and gm4". ;-)

    I am happy you like the script! :-)

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