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Not working properly

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
FYI- Panda Crazy captcha repeatedly is finding a captcha. When I attempt to select panda crazy to enter a captcha the screen goes away and I can never actually enter the captcha. There are also many other reports on message boards that I viewed others having a similar issue. The script appears to work otherwise.


  • Hello, I have the exact same problem. Its a new problem started today. I 've been using panda crazy for months without problems. But this captcha problem is crazy and blocks all work. Please repair ASAP. And let me know if I can help. Thanks.
  • Sounds like they might have changed something on there pages that PC is detecting as a captcha. I don't get captchas so I have no way of testing it. You can disable the captcha detection in the options general menu. Disable Captcha Alert should be set to true and it shouldn't give any captcha alerts. You can also try clearing out your cache and cookies from mturk to see if that might help.

    Are you using PC on the new site or old site? The new site has a problem displaying old alerts and messages which may be causing these problems. Until I can see what the page is showing I can't really do anything on the script side.
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