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Stopped working today

About: Pinterest - Remove Unwanted Pins
Hi, thank you for creating this awesome script! I wanted to let you know that it stopped working for me today. I'm using firefox with greasemonkey. Firefox did just update today to version 56.0.1 (64-bit), so it could be related.


  • Hmm, it's still works fine for me. Are you using version 0.4.13 of the script? I'm also using Firefox 56.0.1 64-bit, so that's not the problem. What text are you seeing below the pin's thumbnail image?
  • edited January 2018 Chrome
    This also isn't working for me anymore. Not a js guru, so I only glanced at your code to get a sense of what it's doing. Not even well versed on browser functionality, so I'm not sure if there were some manipulations of the script necessary to get it to work in Chrome (though it used to without issue).

    The text below the pin's thumbnail image still says what you are searching for: 'Promoted By' in the case of promoted by div's, for example. But that text is now embedded in it's own child div ( + fancy icon) and I don't remember if that was always the case. Perhaps this is part of the issue? I'll have to take a more in depth look at your code to see how it's handling the removal of parent objects.

    The attached file has one of the offending div's in it. Be warned, it's an unexpanded blob of xml.

    If you want me to try testing some things, just let me know!
  • Some Promoted pins are getting through for me too, so I'll work on it today.

    Judging by the html code you attached, it looks like they replaced more class names with underscored randomness. I can't use those underscore classes, since they change somewhat frequently even across accounts, so I'll have to figure out something else out.

    Thanks for reporting it, along with the attachments and your willingness to test things. I have a feeling I'll have to rip out some code (most of the test* functions), so things will probably break, and need testing. I'll let you know.
  • Made an update (version 0.5.3). It was fairly straight forward to fix, and I ended up just simplifying it a bit by just testing *all* text within a pin, rather than certain places. I don't think any testing is needed, but if it's still not working, let me know.
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