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issue with firefox for android and violent monkey 2.8.8

About: Inject2Download
i do know there are very few people using violent monkey with firefox on android but latest tampermonkey update has significant issue with this script(just this) i opened an issue with github page with no response at all could u please look into the issue?

it s really driving me crazy that with an old version of violent monkey 2.6.3or 2.6.4 script work perfeclty but with newer version works really bad,also issue seems more evident on openload site


  • I don't have android, so I can't test, sorry. However, when you say "issue seems more evident on openload site", do you mean that sometimes it just won't load, and other times it does?

    If so, I have a feeling that it's either that the script gets injected too late (i.e. newer versions cause lag), or the "afterscriptexecute" event isn't triggered.

    Can you try playing around with versions of violent monkey, and finding the earliest one that doesn't work? There are quite a few changes between 2.6.4 and 2.8.8, so it'd be very difficult tracking down what broke it from these versions alone.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is possible in firefox for android or not (again, since I don't have an android device), but is there a way to check the developer console? In the test URL you linked in the github issue, there should be a message along the lines of '[i2d] injecting videojs' in the console.
  • Can we use it in the mobile recorder on Android?
  • Unless violentmonkey can work on apps, I highly doubt it... I'm not quite sure what would be the use though, I haven't used the app, but wouldn't the files all be stored on the hard disk anyways?
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