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open in new tab instead of new window?

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
Is there any chance a setting can be put in so that we have the option of opening in a new tab vs a new window? Using Chrome, latest version.


  • Browsers will limit scripts using timers to more than a second if they are in a tab and not focused. This script can go under a second and is dependent on that feature to collect hits. I have links open in a new window so the script won't be slowed by the browser. You should have the script running in a window of it's own without any tabs. I recommend having a new window with as many tabs you want on top of the window running Panda Crazy so you can see the queue watch and how many jobs are running. So I can't provide an option or I'll get a lot of complaints and questions about the script going to slow.
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