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Getting a lot of PRE's using new worker site.

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
Just as the title says. It started a couple of days ago on Sunday. I kept seeing very high PRE's when I woke up only running 2-3 Pandas. I am only using the new site for PC and having been doing that for a while now and have never gotten more than 7-8 before unless something was going HAM. The strange thing is that the cycler shows 0ms for "cycling slowed" even when with sometimes over a 1000 PRE's showing. If I were truly getting that many the slowing time should be much higher.

I just reset it and started 2 Pandas running a few mintues ago and it already shows 38 PRE's.

Im just wondering if they changed something on the new site that is causing it to show false PRE's, because like I said its not slowing them down and it is still catching things just fine, it is just weird to wake up and see so many PRE's and it hasnt seen or caught anything with only a couple Pandas running.
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