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Perminent until dismissed alerts

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
Hi, thanks for making an awesome script. I was wondering would it be possible to add a button to make it so the away alerts stay until dismissed, so if your not at the comp and hear it go off you have time to come check and see which watcher alerted without having to go through all of them? Maybe I'm missing a way to turn that on? Or if you could make it so there is some sort of indicator which "watcher" was just activated?

Thank you.


  • The part of the watcher on the right with the ">" gets highlighted when something new has shown up since the last time you checked. I have had a couple of people say that it's hard for them to tell the difference on their monitors, however, so I need to come up with something better.
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    Thanks for getting back on this so quickly. I'd have to agree it's pretty hard to see, the contrast isn't enough for it to really stand out, and since the desktop notifications or even the notifications drop out so quickly it's hard to go through all the watchers one by one to see which one popped. (I already have enough watchers up to have to scroll down)

    Maybe if they could turn red on the > when one hits?

    I've been using check4change and page monitor since I usually get up and leave my computer while leaving it on checking for new hits etc and it was always easy to tell which hit because there were permanent notifications and a distinct red text. It seems like every time I get up something Hits but by the time I get back the notification is gone and I can't tell which one goes off, sometimes as well when I am working at the computer I hear the alert noise go off but then can't figure out which watcher went off.

    I have to say though only using your script for a few days it is really great, combines and makes everything about check4change and page monitor better. To be honest adding the contrasting colors and permanent until dismissed notifications would just be icing on the cake. :)
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