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YouTube Embedded Popupper - Add an indicator near video when the sceipt can popup it ?

About: YouTube Embedded Popupper
edited July 2017 in Script Discussions Waterfox
Fine work: thanks!

But can you add an indicator to remember i have your script working for these videos?
I test many userscript and extension and it became difficult remember what it is possible in a page without visual indicator :-)

The video popup (on Firefox) take time to open:
can you make faster ?

Ps :
It should be great too to have some test links
i tested your script here:


  • edited July 2017 Firefox
    Thank you very much for good suggestions.

    It originally have an indicator of popup-text on mouse hover, the only notice for being enable to popup and how to popup, but it doesn't indicates the very time to ready. So I attached indicator of tiny animation on document loaded. Although it animates not so smoothly while running with heavy tasks of loading and rendering document contents, I prefer not to remain permanent visibility changes on webpages, so I make the indicator animate and fade away.

    The time for popup depends on browser environment. I use Firefox too, with many add-ons and greasemonkey scripts, on Mac with 4 core CPU. It takes about 3 seconds from right click to popup window and start video playing. But when I use newly profiled Firefox with only Greasemonkey installed, it takes about 1.5 seconds. (And also the indicator animates smoothly!!)

    I tested here.

    Any more simple and popular test links?
    Embedded video with long text on famous, lightweight site is better.
  • Waterfox
    thanks for your explanation !
    if i find something as useful test links i post it.
    I see the "Right Click to Popup" when i hover the play button
    For permanent indicator , maybe you can use CSS only.
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