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Filters doesn't work! (Chrome)

About: TSR - Freemium
Filters toggle doesn't work on chrome they get black but the options don't show down.


  • I can confirm that the same is happening in Firefox as well. The issue is on line 312 of the script. If the line is commented out, the Filters box is hidden and unhidden properly. If you remove the .hide { display: none !important; } portion of that line, it also fixes it, but the entire button isn't clickable - only its background.
  • Hey there, thanks for the feedback. I have updated the script exactly as tgp1994 had suggested and everything seems to be working fine. I personally do not use this so let me know if you see any other issues and I will look into it. Thanks tgp1994 for leaving the comment as it made this fix very quick and easy!

  • I'm glad I could help! Is your script on GitHub? Next time I'll just do a pull request to make it even easier ;) It looks like the script is working great by the way.
  • The script is on GitHub HERE. You can feel free to make any changes or additions you please. This script was made for a friend when I seen the struggle of even browsing the site and I couldn't believe they tolerated the bombardment of trash and harassment. I don't have any personal desire to do any more with it as long as the current feature set remains functional, however, if this is something that you find yourself using or just see room for improvements it would be awesome to see it become better!

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