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[SOLVED: "Nothing can be done against that..."] I test It quickly and it seems not working.....

About: See more without logging into Facebook
edited June 2017 in Script Discussions Waterfox
I don't use FaceBook , but something i need it...

It test this link by example :
When i am here:
and want "More Photos":

and i have the Login Nag ....
It's normal ?


  • edited June 2017 Chrome
    Yes, sadly this is a normal behaviour. :/ There is nothing we can do about this. You can't get access to private photos (photos, or any other section that Facebook makes available only to registered users). Using my script, you can only hide the Facebook's 'reminder' (or nag screen) about register, nothing else.

    There is a 'trick' however, to view bigger images of the current available photos. If you look the source code, you will find the file name of the images. Generally, they will look like this: "12243510_726983800736770_3802789366873743498_n.jpg". If you take the number in the middle "726983800736770", you can view a bigger image. For example:

    Nice girl, by the way... :)

    I hope this answer your question (and don't forget to mark this question as 'Solved')
    Keep in touch if you find some way to view more photos.

  • Waterfox
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