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Does not work anymore with rarbg

About: Rarbg - remove sponsored results
rarbg must have chnaged the way they do things, because starting today I am again randomly redirected to adult sites when using their links. I'm using Firefox 53.0.3


  • Sorry, I can't reproduce the problem. Please point me directly to a Rarbg page with sponsored links that don't get removed by the script. Even with Greasemonkey disabled altogether, I can't spot sponsored links among the search results anymore, so this script might be unnecessary nowadays (if you have Adblock Plus or similar).
  • It's not a sponsored link visible on the page. Most of the time clicking on an element of the page is fine, but after a certain time, or a certain number of clicks (I'm not sure which), the useful non-sponsored link sends to some porn site like instead of opening the torrent description page.

    Here is one page:[]=41

    I installed a trial version of adguard, after removing adblock and your script. At first it did not help, but after an update, it does now. It's pricey though.

    I'm not sure if your own script was meant to deal with these redirections? It could have been adblock filters that prevented them until recently.
  • In my opinion, paid ad blockers are scams. I'd be very surprised if they don't all use the filter lists from Adblock Plus (EasyList and EasyPrivacy), like all the other ad blockers.

    This script was just some minor cosmetic cleanup. Back in the day, Rarbg used to insert sponsored links in the search results list (it looked like this). Adblock Plus could remove the sponsored links themselves, but not their parent element, so a blank row was left behind in the search results. Some people were bothered by this, hence the script.

    Nowadays, those types of links seem to be gone, and instead popunders are opened by and

    In short, my advice is
    1. Uninstall this user script since it's seemingly obsolete.
    2. Uninstall paid ad blockers since they're either scams or worse, malware.
    3. Install Adblock Plus; it doesn't cost anything.
    4. That should be it, but if the problems persist, head over to the Adblock Plus support forum.
  • Thanks for the sage advice.

    I asked on the Adblock Plus support forum, but did not get any answer yet.

    I'll use the trial version of Adguard that last 15 days, it works very well. Firefox is more responsive than with Adblock, so I don't consider it a scam. Whether it's worth its price (they have a lifetime license fee if you want) is subjective. I'll see in 15 days!

    But if you know for a fact that it's malware, I'd be happy to see some links about it.
  • I don't know about that one specifically, nor have I looked it up. I was speaking from my experience on the Adblock Plus support forum: there were instances of people having installed shady ad blockers that actually injected ads into the pages they visited.
    I'm suspicious of any ad blocker with a price tag, when Adblock Plus is free (as are alternatives like AdBlock, uBlock and the Opera browser) and the filter lists used to block ads are maintained by volunteers and hosted by Adblock Plus at no charge.
  • I didn't know about uBlock, I'll try it before making a purchase, thanks.
  • It seems so far that uBlock blocks the rarbg redirections. It's also not slowing down Firefox at all, so if that holds, I won't need Adguard.

    That was a very good advice!
  • Another free solution I found for rarbg:
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