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YouTube | Advanced Playlist Sorting : Unable to instal : Need change the @match to @include

About: YouTube (Classic Design) | Advanced Playlist Editor
I tested it with:
// @include http*://*
and it seems enable, but with Firefox i can't see any change in the sort.
Can you provide links for testing?


  • edited May 2017 Chrome

    Hey decembre,

    thanks for your comment. There was indeed an error regarding the matched URIs, it was replaced it with @include per your recommendation. Another bug regarding YouTube live streams with infinite duration was also fixed.

    Please re-test with v2.2.0.


  • edited May 2017 Waterfox
    The include is good....

    I am not a pro of youtube ;-)

    So, can you provide some example links to test?
  • edited May 2017 Chrome
    Example Link:
    Watch Later

    (or any of your own playlists)
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