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A handful of requests regarding popup notifications

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
I have ideas to improve the experience of what is certainly one of the most useful Mturk scripts ever written.

1. Could the desktop notifications have the same information on them as the browser notifications, such as TO and accept links?
2. If not, could it be done that the browser notifications always have priority over the desktop? It seems to be that the last one to go off takes priority, which can be distressing when you're trying to snag a hit fast. Obviously, not an issue at all if the desktop notifications are more fully-functional, as per item 1.
3. The browser notifications will periodically cycle after a few seconds. first in, first out. While this is useful in many instances, it's frustrating when the hit you're after is pushed off the notifications as others come in. Could you make it so that you can customize the cycle length of the notifications? Having it pause its cycling on mouseover would be really great, too.

Anyway, like I said, excellent script, even as it is.


  • 1. It's not possible to have as much info in the desktop notifications as the in-browser ones. Chrome allows rich notifications that could have the same info and buttons, but that's only allowed for extensions. It can't be done with a userscript, unfortunately, but that would be great.

    2. The desktop notifications should only show up when you don't have an page in focus. It's done that way because the dashboard part of the script can only communicate with other pages that are on the domain. So when that's not possible it'll just send the less-useful desktop notifications.

    3. I want to make some improvements in that area. I definitely agree with you there. I need to make time and get some updates out. I really miss working on this script.

    And thanks! I hope Turkmaster is increasing your earnings. I always enjoy the feedback.
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