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GreasyFork Bullshit Filter - How to white list "false postive" scripts ?

About: GreasyFork Bullshit Filter - for TS Citrus Gfork
Your script is very useful but it should give an option to "white list" some scripts which match on a wrong filter.
By example :
[TS] Linx Amender
React to the "Games" filter but it's a general utility script...

How to sort it from the filter "Games" ?


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    The script's filters match: script name _ script description (_ means with a space in between)

    • not just 'script name'.

    In this case "[TS] Linx Amender" matches the "Social Networks" filter , because it has the word "twitter" in its description (it doesn't match the "Games" filter).

    A workaround would be to change line 134 of the script

    var temp = td.parentNode.firstChild.firstChild.textContent + ' ' + td.parentNode.lastChild.textContent;


    var temp = td.parentNode.firstChild.firstChild.textContent;

    i.e. the filters to only match script names, not their descriptions too.

    But I wouldn't suggest that, or anything other.

    PS. (Off-topic) I just uploaded a new version to make it work in all cases after you do search (because redirection(s) occurs then, by TS Citrus Gfork) - I added two more @include.

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    Thanks .
    I thinks it worked like that .
    Not possible to add exception ?
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    I thinks it worked like that .

    No, the script never had a whitelist ( )

    Not possible to add exception ?

    I don't think it's possible without heavily modifying the script.

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