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Doesnt seem to save tags

About: Pixiv Tag Translation/Replacement
The window pops up asking you to translate the phrases, and everything shows up as it should. But as soon as you load another web page, it loses all the translations you just entered. Im using Firefox 53 64bit.


  • It should save immediately after applying new translations, and does so at least on Chrome and Edge despite the script being originally written for Firefox. Could you try again with the latest version?

  • edited November 2017 Firefox
    Hey, sorry for the long delay. Havent been back here in a long time. But yes! It seems your last update fixed the translations not saving! Thank you!

    I was using Pixiv Translation Plus, but its soo slow and unmaintained.

    One more question, though. Is it possible to have the script translate tags on the add/edit bookmark page? Like when you click on "Add to Bookmarks", it will translate the tags for that particular work, but it wont translate your own bookmark tags.
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