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More of a script modification than of a script creation : opening it in a new tab


I have a script I use as a bookmarklet and what I'd wish is that the result opens in a new tab instead of the current one.
It's a basic script intended to Google Translate either highlighted text if applicable otherwise the whole page.
Works OK except that I'd prefer the Google Translated page to appear in a new tab.

Here it is :


Many thanks :)


  • Instead of

    location.href = URI;

    try, '_blank');

    As long as you normally divert new windows to a new tab instead, that should work.
  • Thanks, Jefferson Scher, for your help.

    I tried replacing
    location.href = URI;
    with, '_blank');
    and indeed the result opened in a new tab, but the original (current tab) was blankened with only the mention of javascript at the top ...


    Maybe have I incorrectly replaced the setting?
    But your suggestion got me on the right path, and I remembered another bookmarklet I had which opens result in a new tab, with

    I have the following which runs fine : original tab is preserved, result opens in a new tab :


    Thanks again, because the fact is I had no clue where to even start from (I couldn't "conceptualize" the process). I'm no coder!
    Now i'll know better how to dig in the stuff!!
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