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Re-Edit: Break the "Attach a file" function in Userstyles Forum

About: Linkify Plus Plus
edited March 2017 in Script Discussions Waterfox
Here the post about that:
SOLVED [It was a GM conflict] Userstyles Forum : Problem to attach a Gif to forum ?

It's only on Usertyles Forum and not here...


  • Which browser and userscript manager?

  • It works fine for me.

  • edited March 2017 Waterfox
    Firefox 51.0.1 (more precisely : i use waterfox) and Greasemonkey updated.

    LinkiFy Plus Plus Settings by default.
    "Enable Images" Unchecked.

    Sorry, It Seems to be a problem For Userstles Forum only and not Greasyfork Forum
    I tested here and the function work perfectly with your script enable ..

    Thanks for your quick reply.
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