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[Possible Glitch] Inconsistent Results

About: TSR - Freemium
Not sure if you're still maintaining this or not; for some reason I can't get it to work consistently in chrome except when I run it in incognito mode with only Ublock Origin, Https Anywhere, and TamperMonkey (with your script) enabled. In normal mode the page seems to stop constantly and almost none of the images/scripts load. In incognito mode everything seems to work as intended. The only theory I've come up with so far is something to do with new advert services they use which incognito mode seems to break on its own. The amount of ads it blocks in normal operation seem to be significantly higher than in incognito.


  • edited January 2017 Firefox
    Thank you, I have updated compatibility.


    Tampermonkey Beta 4.3.5384 with "Fast Inject" is also not working

    I would take a further look into the ads, however, Tampermonkey has always been a little sketchy with the above issue making the script unreliable/broken in some ways. Once an update is provided allowing proper "run-at document-start" I will update the script for Chrome/Tampermonkey.
  • Chrome/Tampermonkey is now fully supported.
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