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Forum upgraded to Vanilla 2.3, please report any issues


  • I'm guessing this is part of the redesign and not from the upgrade, but if you go to your profile page and hover the profile picture the caption is dark red and barely visible.
    The problem is in line 23 in custom.css which changes the defined color from style.css in line 2381 which is white.

  • You are correct. This is fixed. Thanks for reporting.
  • q1kq1k
    edited January 6 Chrome
    Problem with forum on mobile.
    Those icons are too big.
    1080 x 1920 - 361K
  • q1kq1k
    edited January 15 Chrome

    These are problems that have been around for a long time, both here and userstyles (but I guess you are done with uso?).

    the problem is with markdown's <blockquote class="Quote" rel="someone">quoted text</blockquote>, not showing correctly. The line who said that - is missing.


    -- this should show q1k said: Test

    Writing with html selected has it's own problems too. Like multiline code not being formatted properly be it with <code></code> or <pre></pre>

  • edited March 14 Waterfox
    The FRENCH version of this forum is broken since many days ....

    It seems they are not so many French on this site ;-)

    Another problem:
    When i want post a reply, I need click twice the post comment button .
  • French is fixed now. It was an escaping problem in a translation.
  • Waterfox
  • French is fixed now. It was an escaping problem in a translation.


  • Fixed. This affected any locales where Greasy Fork's identifer didn't match Vanilla's, which included anything that was country-specific and Norwegian Bokmal.
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