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About: Travian wave builder
could you add a couple of functions (buttons) in the script travian-wave-builder
I'll explain now..
The first ..
stores the number of waves and troops .. (save spam)
second ..
It reproduces, then remembered that the first button .. (spam)
screen ..
something like this..


  • edited December 2016 Chrome
    Sorry, I don't have time to make new functions. I will try to put the scripts on github, so anyone can modify/update them. Maybe others will help update/improve the scripts too.

    P.S. About the saving waves. The waves are made in an intermediary state, like when you send an attack, then confirm. So saving and restoring the waves, will need to store the attack coordinates, so its useless if you change the attacked village. Because the waves are intermediary state, it will not be faster, because it will need to wait for each saved waves to be re-created (currently there is aprox 1 second delay between adding waves).
  • Thank you for your reply...
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