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Wiped out, won't restore

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
TM wiped out the entire databse tonight, 3rd time. I have a 2-day-old backup as a txt file, copied it and pasted it in. TM tells me " turn off word wrap in your text editor." But it IS TURNED OFF. When I paste into TM, the box itself wraps the lines. The db woud take me days to restore from scratch. HELP.


  • I already tried zooming out and stretching the text box as wide as possible, then pasting in. Doesn't work
  • I'm not really sure why it won't let you import it. If you put it in a pastebin or something similar (or maybe just copy and paste it here) I can take a look at it.
  • I figured out the restore problem. There was an unfinished line of code at the end, so I just removed the line. But I don't know why it wipes itself out every now and then, so I backup every night now.
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