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About: 解决百度云大文件下载限制
VM433:2 ERROR: Execution of script '解决百度云大文件下载限制' failed! Object.defineProperty(...) is not a function(anonymous function) @ VM433:2
VM433:2 TypeError: Object.defineProperty(...) is not a function
at Window.eval (eval at (:2:297), :25:1)
at :2:297
at eval (eval at (:2:297), :2:1)
at eval (eval at (:2:297), :3:3)
at Object.eval (eval at (:2:297), :32:6)
at eval (eval at (:2:297), :32:50)
at eval ()
at :2:297
at Object.b [as F_c] (:2:142)
at Object.E_u (:2:471)
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