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Any chance we'll see an update?

About: Pandora Freemium
I think the new update has broken Freemium. Any chance we'll see an updated version? Thanks!


  • Wondering the same, I love freemium, but the update broke it.
  • What's wrong? It seems to be working. Please describe what it's doing. Can you try resetting the settings for Freemium or try a new user profile in your browser ... or try it in a different browser? Thanks.
  • ifugu, thanks for checking in... the freemium seems to just have disappeared from the UI... I have tried disabling/re-enabling and also re-installing. Perhaps it's just hiding very well?
  • I'm on Mac, in case that matters and it appears that both Chrome and Firefox and working the same way (that is, not showing the Freemium UI at all).
  • Strange. I just used to test Mac Chrome and FF. They worked.

    Here's what I did:

    1) Max OSX Sierra > Chrome 54 (latest) > installed Tampermonkey from Chrome Store > installed Pandora Freemium from greasyfork > visited > logged in using a free account > clicked on Freemium menu > enabled features and observed them working.

    2) Repeated above steps for Firefox 50 (latest) and installed Greasemonkey instead of Tampermonkey.

    Are you using the same userscript managers (greasemonkey and tampermonkey)?
  • I am using both tampermonkey and greasyfork. I don't see the Freemium Menu (or I'm blind and I'm missing it.) I had it working for some time and it stopped saving when the update came out so I figured it needed an update to be aware of the new design. where does the Freemium menu show up now? (In case it's gone invisible and I can find it.)
  • Thanks for helping figure this out. The Freemium menu should appear on the upper right menu. Nothing has changed.

    A few questions:
    1) What update are you referring to? Pandora? If so, what seems to have changed? I'm not seeing differences.
    2) What do you mean by it "stopped saving"?
    3) When you're in Chrome and you visit, click on the Tampermonkey toolbar icon. Does it show Pandora enabled?
    4) Are you using Pandora One or the free version of Pandora?

    Thanks again.
  • 1)Pandora did an update of their web UI a few weeks back. It looks totally different than it used to. Perhaps they've not rolled it out to everybody yet?

    2)When this update happened, I lost the freemium menu and my songs did not save anymore.

    3)Tampermonkey shows the plugin enabled.

    4)This is using free Pandora.
  • I should add that other scripts on other sites are working fine... so I don't think this is a tampermonkey problem. I'm actually a bit surprised that you didn't seem to know that there was a Pandora update (obviously not a problem if you hadn't seen it)... that could explain why we seemed to be talking past each other.
  • Could be. I'm just not seeing a significant update from them. I've tried from alternative ip addresses using brand new browsers, etc.. Could you upload a screenshot of the new UI that you're seeing? I am however finding articles talking about them rolling out some new features to catch up with other streaming services. Something called Pandora Plus for $5. Replay songs, unlimited skips, etc..
  • I'm attaching a current snapshot from Pandora on Chrome/Mac...
  • Here is the screenshot...
  • Holy cow! That is different. I'm still seeing the old interface. Hmm. Now to solve the mystery of me seeing the old one. What region are you located? Can you also post the url that's present when you're listening to music?
  • I'm seeing other people complain about not seeing the new ui on Pandora's blog entry about the revamp. I'll keep trying to get access. Let's start with the basics. Let me know what URL you see.
  • Nothing special there. :/
  • I'll wait a few days. If I don't see the new UI, we'll try something else.
  • You can revert back to the "classic site" by following these directions:

    Go to Settings. At the bottom of the page, well below your Profile settings, there's a small link to switch back to the "Classic site." Click it and give an excuse. You'll have to log in again.

    Pandora Freemium should then work for you.

  • So, using the 'classic site' worked for a while, but at some point yesterday the downloads all started failing with either 'Failed - Forbidden' or 'Failed - Blocked'.

    I can't figure out the complete pattern, but it looks like the download URLs changed from CDN URLs ( to different Pandora ones ( I think the filetypes/extensions also changed from MP4 to M4A.

    Just thought I'd pass this along in case you're still interested in pursuing an update or anybody else has any other workarounds.
  • Hmm... things started working again for a while, but now it looks like they've removed the option to go back to the old interface. Is it hiding or is it gone?
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