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Unable to used "details" edit button on recently added jobs

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
edited September 2016 in Script Discussions Chrome
I have but using PC for a week now. All of a sudden I cannot use 'details" on recently added jobs. Most all of these are ones that I added by ID name, when back in to put the ID# in the correct spot and save it then when back in and changed it to "search" and resaved it.

Reload the page = Nope.
Turn the script off. Reload. Turn it on. Reload = Nope.
Export all of the jobs and close PC then Import the files back in = Nope.

Advise please?

Next I will have to manually delete the jobs that aren't working and put them back in. If that works I will let you know.


  • edited September 2016 Firefox
    The only reason why this would happen is it's not filling in the cell data. I have had that happen only twice and can't catch the error. You can downgrade the version and see if it works with the previous version (0.3.6)
    Just click on the install this script button on that page and it will ask if you want to downgrade. It should work because it doesn't care about any new data that was added from the current version. After you can try to go back to 0.3.9 and see if it fixes whatever is wrong with it. It should give an error in the javascript console by pressing [ctrl][shift][J]. If anything is in red then that's an error. That error could help me out to find what is going on.
  • thanks I will try that!
  • I made an update to the script to see if it can fix whatever data that is missing. Update to version 0.3.10 and see if that might fix it.
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