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Update 2.2.43 New more user friendly hotkeys

About: [TS] Generic Image Viewer
There are two sets of keys now. One using character keys the second using are numpad keys:
  [A], [Num 1] => Auto-Height
[S], [Num 2] => Auto-Width
[Z], [Num 3] => Auto-Stretch
[X], [Num 0] => Enlarge/Shrink to Client Area
[Q], [Num .] => Reset Size

[D], [Num 4] => Rotate Left
[W], [Num 5] => Reset rotation transformation
[F], [Num 6] => Rotate Right

[X], [Num 7] => Mirror Horizontally
[E], [Num 8] => Reset mirror transformation
[C], [Num 9] => Mirror Vertically

[T], [Num *] => Change colour scheme (down)
[R], [Num /] => Change colour scheme (up)
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