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Problems with progressbar

About: Youtube UI Fix

There is a problem with the progressbar on livestreams, it is not filled properly.

Also sometimes on normal videos, there is a problem with the time counter, it may start cycling seconds for no reason.


  • Here's what happens, even after the update.

  • q1k said:

    Here's what happens, even after the update.

    There were actually two updates (three now), one was a fix that seemed to work. The other was to revert that fix, because it I noticed it gave problems with regular videos, and when going back to earlier parts of the stream.

    The third update is the actual fix, which reverts the way the script keeps the progress updated, back to using a mouseEvent. The 'new' way was to use the "timeupdate" and "progress" events of the video element to manually update everything (but that doesn't work very well with streams).
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