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Citrus GFork version 1.1.43 released for (2016/10/29)

About: [TS] Citrus GFork

- BugFix: Relevance when searching was not being supported. Now it is always the default in a search
- BugFix: Search bugs
- BugFix: Image size to fit parent element (script preview)
- BugFix: JSON structure has changed
- Monkey icon is now resource. Should have been years ago
- Changed the styling of the script preview
- Stores version numbers, so no longer does a JSON version call if version is up-to-date.
- Purge all stored script version details if older the 90 days
- Relative date in the discussion


  • 1.1.40 (2016-10-14)
    - Bugfix: When editting post the reply type is now stored
    - Added a settings link to change the date format
  • 1.1.41 (2016-10-14)

    Hotfix: relative date and removed feature from previous version
  • 1.1.42 (2016-10-22)
    - Depreciated, Obsolete, Defunct and now Unsupported are checked first in description and then version. If it
    is present the script is tagged with "No Longer Supported" orange tag to signify that it is no longer maintained.
    It is recommended to use the keywords in the script description tag rather than version
    - Removed filters and re-implemented the sorting algorithm
    - Settings button added again. Can be found near the monkey icon. It toggles between relative date format and standard date format. Default is relative.
    - Fixed the numbering of listing which must have gotten broken along the way
    - The behaviour of script column sorting is now similar to default
    - New script search button that automatically does partial word search to yield more results. Toggle through settings.
    - Toggle between standard and relative date format is done through settings.
  • - About "Settings button":
    It seems not remember our choice...
    - About "Depreciated, Obsolete, Defunct and now Unsupported":
    Have you an example where i see your script in action ?

    Can you add a close button to the settings popup ?
  • > It seems not remember our choice...

    What version and browser? Latest version ( was a hotfix, that fixed that issue as I changed the saved name in one area and not another.

    > Have you an example where i see your script in action ?

    I added the it to the list thinking I have already done it. :blush: It checks only version at the moment and not description. My bad. I will release a new version in next few days with the bug fix.

    Go to my page and I made a script visible that shows it in action. Search for the word defunct.

    It is only shown at in the listing, I should add it to the script page.

    > Can you add a close button to the settings popup ?

    It's only two checks, that you can easily set back to previous settings and you only going to use it once in a blue moon. You can also click on the text. I shall add CSS to make it more obvious.
  • thanks .....
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