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Sound Issue

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
1) Would be nice to have a check box or something where each alarm can be individually muted.
2) I want the less99 alarm (rock music) to be the less2Short alarm (laser gun). How do I change this?


  • All the alarms can be changed in the options/alarm menu. Click the change button and choose the sound from your computer. All the default alarms can be downloaded by the link at the top of that window. If you need to mute an alarm you can change an alarm to a sound file that plays nothing. All the sounds are loaded in memory and saved on your computer. The default alarms only get grabbed on the first run after script install.
  • Why doesn't just moving the URL to this field work?
    "less99":{"nameVar":"JR_PANDA_Soundless99","default":"","audio":null,"desc":"Hits paying MORE than |: ","payRate":"0.15","lessMinutes":"99","base64":null},
  • That url is only used the first time you run the script after the first install. It loads the default alarms from a server to memory and gets saved to your computer. That url doesn't get used after. I felt it's better to allow users to use their own alarms if they want instead of them having to change the code. It also works better because it doesn't depend on the server with the alarms to be up all the time. Just change the alarms with the options/alarms menu. So much easier. Also changing the code will just be a problem if there is an update later.
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