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About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
Is there a way to grab a panda and move it to a different tab? Every panda I add goes directly into the main tab and I am copy/pasting it to other tabs. Not that it is hard to do... Just wonder if I could be saving myself an extra step?

UPDATE: I found the answer on MTurk Crowd: *ive tried this but i guess i have to find the right "groove"

<<Yes you can just drag and drop a hit over to a tab but it has to be in the right position for it to work correctly. First be sure you have the newest update because I did try a few things to make it easier. Then you drag a hit to a tab where it will show the hits in that tab but do not drop yet. You have to position it where you want it in the hit area. Sometimes you need to move it around a bit. I'll try to see if I can have it work with just dropping it on the tab itself but I had that work before and it complicated other things. But then again at that time I had the tabs working a bit different so it might be an easy fix. I also have thought about a drop down list in the details window to move to tabs also. I need to add these directions to the help menu too.>>


  • Glad you found the answer. Yes you can drag it to a tab and then once it changes you can drop it where you want it. Sometimes you have to move it around before you drop it to make it work. It works better than it used to but can't make it always be perfect. I am still planning on letting you drop it on the tab itself and it will move it over instead of having to position it in place. I also want to add a drop down list in the details window to make this work too. I am not sure when I can do this because I have to move a lot of code around to do this. But it's on my list to do.
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