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Old geezer asking for assistance


I would like to automate a simple task, i can do manually by opening up the inspector and tweaking the page from there. In an earlier version (GM3) i would have done something like this:

var element = document.getElementById("consent-bump"); element.parentNode.removeChild(element);

But in GM4, i am unable to find an equivalent. And since i am old, retired and handicapped, i have a hard time learning javascript from scratch, as the documentation is outdated, just as the examples are, and my own capacity to read and watch is exhausted by now. Please show me how to go at it in the new GM4. Or at the very least, give me some pointers, where to pull the lacking information from.

Thank you

What is the website?

What is the "simple task"?

With GM do you mean greasy monkey?

Nobody can help without details and without saying what you want to do

Your code seems to be fine and working, I would probably do the same thing
Thank you so much!
Your comment was all that was needed for me to experiment some more and to identify:
The real problem cause was in the header of my lil' script.
... remedied and now working. I am happy and grateful!

But to answer your questions:
I did not disclose that info on purpose and for a reason.
A huge site offering videos has begun an attempt to gather even more personal data from their users, and thereby is trying to make me login to their site (hidden behind apparent invitations to configure cookie behavior). But inspecting their current method, i could see, that the nagging popups all depend on one single node that can be killed using GM. :-)
You are welcome

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