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Script to turn on Night Vision for TVTropes.org

Posted: 2016-02-17

Script to turn on Night Vision for TVTropes.org

About a week ago TVTropes.org switched over to a new site design. One of the many controversial changes they introduced is changing their dark theme ("Night Vision") to only be available for registered users. If you go to tvtropes.org you'll see a bunch of grayed-out toggles on the right side of the page, Night Vision being one of them.

It would bring great health benefits to me and many others if the dark theme was usable by non-registered users. The average user who stumbles upon TVTropes spends hours reading the articles and staring at a bright computer monitor for hours on end can cause considerable eye strain. It can also interfere with your internal clock therefore indirectly cause contribute to other life and health problems.

If anyone manages to do this I'll tip my hat off to them.

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