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Updates to external code policy

Posted: 2021-07-21

https://greasyfork.org/en/help/external-scripts has been rewritten to be more clear (may not be updated in other languages yet). A few things have been made explicit:

  • Loading a site's code and executing on that same site is allowed.
  • Loading JSON or other data is allowed from any source (as long as it's not executed in any way)
  • Loading updates to the script from an external source is not allowed.
Posted: 2021-07-21

What about including famous scripts like these?

So far I allowed these because a) they can be trusted as these exact URLs are served to millions/billions of people, b) it's hard to track updates of proprietary code, c) some of them simply don't work when loaded from another domain, d) in case of JQuery the reason is that tons of web developers are used to load it from the official site.

Posted: 2021-07-22
All added to the allow list except jQuery, which was already there.

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