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Posted: 2019-11-20
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New tourist destination of the coffee museum in Buon Ma Thuot is extremely hot

In our country, there are countless museums like Quang Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City which are receiving a lot of attention from young people. Besides, in the recent time, there is a museum that is being rumored by everyone, which is the coffee museum in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak and which sightseeing section. You can see more article about Dak Lak travel experience here >>> https://dulichviet.net.vn/dia-diem-du-lich/dak-lak

I. Visit the coffee museum in Buon Ma Thuot

General information about coffee museum in Buon Ma Thuot

Address: Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Tan Loi Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City
Entrance fee: 75k
Description: This is a special highlight in the overall planning of Coffee City in particular and Buon Me Thuot in general with the goal of turning Buon Me Thuot into "Global Coffee Capital".

II. Directions to the Buon Ma Thuot coffee museum

To get to the Buon Me Thuot coffee museum very easily with the following specific path:

  • From the city center, you will go northeast to Nguyen Dinh Chieu about 21 m

  • Next, you turn right at the Trung Nguyen Coffee Museum to Nguyen Dinh Chieu. du lich viet Cross the Suoi Xanh urban area project (on the right) about 350 m

  • Next you turn right at the Hanoi Optical Store to Phan Chu Trinh. Cross the Pharmacy Q-Pharma (on the right) for about 1.3 km

  • At Buon Sau Buon Ma Thuot, take the 2nd exit onto Le Duan / QL14 Go through a roundabout. Cross Donga Bank - Atm (on the right) about 1.2 km

  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and go to Le Duan / QL14. Pass by Minh Hai Nutrition Porridge (on the right) for about 500 m

This is the way you can reach the coffee park in Buon Ma Thuot

III. Discover the coffee museum in Buon Ma Thuot

On Instagram recently, you can see countless pictures of check in with the background of white umbrellas hanging over the top, an extremely strange architecture corner of the west and the traditional features of the Central Highlands of our country.

This museum project is built by the city on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street with the area of ​​45ha including the spaces:

Museum display space
Exhibition space
Light library space
Space to enjoy coffee
Conference space ...

The coffee museum has the architecture of a very long Tay Nguyen region with extremely flexible curves intersected to create a very special space.

The museum is located in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot city so it is easy for you to come here to visit, take pictures. The entrance fee is 75k, du lich not too expensive to visit an interesting place and there are thousands of images to bring back, right?

More view >>> New tourist destination of the coffee museum in Buon Ma Thuot

The inside space of the museum is quite airy, cool, you can both admire the scenery and take a sip of strong coffee is the main concoction at this place. More view >>> https://dulichthegioionline.blogspot.com/

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