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Facebook Timeline Cleaner

delete you facebook timeline

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Facebook Timeline Cleaner works such that a user logs in to the Facebook Timeline, and navigates over the TimeLine to the 'Activity Log' section.
Then there is a new Button above, called 'Privacy Extension'
Over this Button you can select the activity you want.
You have 4 options:

* Delete everything
* Hide everything on Timeline
* Delete everything on Timeline older than X Days
* Hide everything on Timeline older than X Days

If something can´t delete, the script will change the visibility in your Timeline to none.
How to use it:

1. Install Firefox (any OS on any architecture)
2. Install Greasemonkey (
3. Download and install the script available above.
4. Log in to Facebook and make sure that Facebook Timeline is available.
5. Navigate to your 'Timeline'.
6. Navigate to 'Activity Log' --> See Screenshot
7. Reload the site.
8. Select over the Button 'Privacy Extension' your wish.
9. The Script will show you, what he want do remove. Green entrys will stay, other colors will remove/hide
10. Remove the TryRun Checkbox. The script will start delete/hide your entrys.

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Facebook Timeline Cleaner from GitHub: