Greasy Fork is available in English. Forum: all comments on one page v2

All comments on one page, iReply, quick-vote, user-scores.

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Ich habe das bekannte Script erweitert, dass es auch mit den neuen Foren funktioniert.
In den alten Foren funktioniert es weiterhin.


Zeigt alle Beiträge/Kommentare eines Threads/Themas im Forum/Newsticker auf einer Seite. Man muss sich nicht mehr durchklicken.

Displays all comments of one thread on one page. No clicking though pages necessary anymore.

Pages of the board overview (e.g. for one news article) are displayed on one page.
The number of pages shown can be adjusted by modifying $maxJoinedPosts (default: 16 posts * 5 pages).

iReply: (beta)
Short for "inline Reply". Opens an iframe with a stripped reply window for a quick answer, without leaving the thread.

AutoQuote: (beta)
On opening the iReply frame, the postings text is automatically quoted.

QuickVote: (beta)
Sends voting commands in background, without leaving page. Marks the selected option with some nice yellow.

UserScores: (beta)
The script stores a separate rating for each user. This score is generated from QuickVoting on the users post. The score is shown in Heise style behind the name of the user.
The users score is scaled by 0.3 (default) to decrease the sensitivity for single contradictory votes. Scores are displayed after ~5-10 monotonous votes.

getestet mit Firefox 35 und Greasemonkey 3.1, Palemoon 24 mit Greasemonkey 1.15, Opera 12.50