Greasy Fork is available in English.

Enter semi dead by using HTTP. Needs browser settings adjusted (see info).

allows to bypass missing certificate problem by changing WSS to WS. need to enable Mixed content in browser settings

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Since 2023.03.02, it's near impossible to play at, why? It's weird thing that servers still work, but gaming servers' HTTPS certificates are expired. The main domain certificate has not expired yet (so you see title page). You might change your system date to time when it still worked, but there are other methods.
This script changes HTTPS in websockets to HTTP, so you don't need to change system date, however it needs to adjust browser settings

(P.S. none of these adjustments needed if you use or, note the HTTP and not HTTPS)

Open surviv io (any page, not neccessarily the title page)
Click on lock icon in address bar > Site Settings > Privacy and security > Insecure content > Allow
and reload the tab

this will enable 'mixed content' (i.e. a HTTPS webpage using material from HTTP pages or websockets) for that website until browser restart. You would need to do this at every new session. Even non-american servers work, too.

You can see the script is extremely short and does nothing malicious.