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try to take over the world!

Dies sind alle Versionen des Skriptes. Nur Versionen anzeigen, bei denen sich der Quelltext geändert hat.

  • v100003 04.06.2023

    -fully working autospin now
    -reworked AutoFire+ so you can actually press space when it's disabled
    -new beta mode: FlipFire (my own version from scratch)

  • v100002 30.05.2023

    -fixed some stuff

  • v100001 29.05.2023

    my bad this is the fixed version

  • v100000 27.05.2023

    -latest version that actually works

    This script will no longer be updated

  • v69000 09.02.2023

    mew version

  • v666.666 09.02.2023


  • v666 09.02.2023


  • v5.0 04.02.2023

    Massive Update!
    New mode: canvas tank upgrades
    New button: tutorial button

  • v4.5 04.02.2023

    small changes in gui and stuff

  • v4.4 28.01.2023

    Added Anni/Destroyer/Hybrid 3 reload cooldown timer which shows you when you can shoot again.

  • v4.3 27.01.2023

    Fixed Autobuild

  • v4.2 22.01.2023

    -Edited the gui
    -Moved the modes to a button
    -Removed Short 50/50, due to it's unefficiency
    -replaced css mouse text with canvas (no more interaction problems)
    -fixed bug with locked shift

  • v4.0 19.01.2023

    Even more customisable

  • v3.3 16.01.2023

    more customisable

  • v3.2 12.01.2023

    Fixed even more bugs

  • v3.1 12.01.2023

    bug fix

  • v3.0 12.01.2023

    Added Freeze Mouse mode + New tab opener

  • v0.1 11.01.2023