Greasy Fork is available in English. input replay recorder

Records lightweight game recordings, which can be reviewed with any custom mods applied

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Useful if you want to record a lot of games and save disk space which full resolution videos would have taken, or you want to apply any of mods to games that were played without them. Or if your computer is weak and recording raster video produces noticeable worse gameplay performance. When reviewing such recordings, you can look at map at any time and there are no video compression artifacts. Or if you're evil, you can play with cheats (not included) and publish videos without cheats. Also it will show the server you're connecting to (e.g. na-sfo or eu-waw).

No, it doesn't produce mp4 files (but will be added if there's demand) Rewinding in playback is not supported. F1,F2,F3,F4,F6 keys at playback change speed to 0.3x, 1x, 2x, 2.5x and 16x Plans to add: fps interpolation (surviv only transmits data at ~30 fps).

how to use

By default, the script is in record (play&record) move. To review recently written match, pick "replay recent" from top left combobox, and pick a match in middle combobox (the line indicated recording duration and match Id) and hit usual start game button.

To save your recorded matches to disk, choose "save har log" in combobox, and it will make a file in your downloads folder. if you simply close tab, the recorded content will be lost.

To review match from file, use "choose file" dialog and set mode combobox to "replay from file" (the order in which you do that doesn't matter).

har format is the one browser devtools can write network capture data. It was chosen that this script uses same compatible format, and you can write har files with matches without using this script (F12->network->save log)! However in some browers, har file written would not contain websockets (which the game uses)

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