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DigDig.IO Server Selector

Server selector for Double click to copy, single click to download.

Das sind Skriptversionen, bei denen der Quelltext aktualisiert wurde. Alle Versionen anzeigen.

  • v0.3.3 28.08.2021

    Maze servers

  • v0.3.2 25.08.2021

    Screenshot copying error when logged in fixed!

  • v0.3.1 22.08.2021

    Now it connects to the server saved in localStorage instead of forcing to the first fetched server.

  • v0.3.0 03.08.2021

    BR servers

  • v0.2.9 23.07.2021

    Tag servers

  • v0.2.8 21.07.2021

    UI now updates when server is changed internally
    Slight UI changes

  • v0.2.7 20.07.2021

    Fixed connecting to server from url
    Pointer can now be locked using key X

  • v0.2.6 18.07.2021

    Today's best is now included in lb capture

  • v0.2.5 18.07.2021

    Removed unwanted bit

  • v0.2.4 18.07.2021

    M28 complained

  • v0.2.3 18.07.2021

    Squad fix
    Minor changes

  • v0.2.2 17.07.2021

    Now compatible with effects mod

  • v0.2.1 17.07.2021

    Minor bug fix

  • v0.2.0 17.07.2021

    Keyboard shortcuts to copy captures

  • v0.1.9 16.07.2021

    Joining from link fixed

  • v0.1.8 16.07.2021

    Now you can connect to server from a link
    UI update
    Screenshot/Leaderboard copying
    Refresh button to load in more servers

  • v0.1.7 11.07.2021

    Firefox support

  • v0.1.6 10.07.2021

    Glow mod screenshot support

  • v0.1.5 09.07.2021

    Capture leaderboard
    Save screenshot
    Server ID in name

  • v0.1.4 07.07.2021

    FFA server naming and lil css update

  • v0.1.3 07.07.2021

    Team servers

  • v0.1.2 07.07.2021

    Minor bug fixes
    New version support

  • v0.1.1 06.07.2021
  • v0.1 06.07.2021