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Forum Spoilers Hider - MAL

Hides the title of forum topics that aren't episodes/chapters discussion topics on anime/manga pages to avoid spoilers. Hover the mouse over the Forum Topic title to see the original title.

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The script also:
Hides the Anime and Manga Discussions elements on ,they will be totally hidden all the time so that you won't see any spoilers, the Popular New Topics and the Recent Posts topics will have a few topic titles hidden only if the topic is from the Series Discussion forum board, and if the topic title doesn't has "Chapter/Episode X Discussion" in it's title.

Hides specific entries ID or franchise titles topics on and on
Works on discussion pages like this and like

Follow the steps below to hide specific entries or franchise titles topics on and/or on
1 Open the anime/manga page you want to hide
2 Click on your Tampermonkey extension
3 Click on "Hide This on Series Discussions!" (Below the script name)
4 Follow the next prompts that will be displayed
5 Done!

This script also works perfectly with