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Total Duration Time + Total Episodes Of Any Animes Franchises

This is a tool to easily and quickly see how long it will take for you to finish watching the whole anime Franchise, and you can also see how many episodes and entries the Franchise has.

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Have you ever wondered how much time you spent/will spend watching an anime franchise, or how many episodes/entries the whole franchise has?
This script can help you solve this problem.

Now you can see what's the % that you have completed watching of the whole franchise! This is helpful for big franchises.

Click on the bold "Franchise Duration" text to see when you would finish watching the Franchise/entry.

Airing animes are not counted.
Entries with only seconds by episodes will be ignored and not counted in the total duration.

When you set any anime entry of an Franchise as anything that's not "Plan To Watch\Watching" the script will always remove the duration time of that entry, so when you open any entries of that same Franchise you can see the remaining Total Franchise Duration time. If you click again on PTW the script will start including again the duration time of that entry to the MAL Total Franchise Duration Text.
* will always show the Total Franchise Duration Time.

When you set the entire Franchise as anything that's not "Plan To Watch", the script won't show anything for that franchise entries again.

When there's 100 entries stored on the script cache (that the script excludes the duration time of these entries on the total franchise duration time), the script will show an option on the place of the bold "Statistics" text that will be changed to the "Click to Erase Franchise Script Cache" text, when you click that the script will start counting the duration time for all the 100 entries that the script was ignoring their duration time in the total franchise duration time. It's recommended that you click on that button when it appears when you have finished watching the franchise(s) you are watching.

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