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DH3 KindaSafe Cheat

The cheat script for DH3

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Use this script only if you trust my code!

This script contains cheats for DH3, so you're not actually allowed to use this, but I'll let you use it at your own risk


Running this script now is completely on your own, I don't play the game anymore and haven't updated the script for a long time. Anyway, due to the minor changes in DH3, there's a great chance that features in this script still works, most likely all the features!


If you're using automated oxygen tank or boat, don't just change to use another one of them. I've actually forgot to add code that will check if another one is in use. I know, it's my fault, and if Smitty found out, it's all on me. I'm sorry that I didn't really know before at least I made that mistake, but I'm lucky enough to tell I'm not banned or removed from the leaderboards

I'll remove this note when I've uploaded a version with a fix, but I'll just leave it as it is for now, but now you know and you can continue reading the update info!

Latest update - 19th of may, 2021

I don't really remember what I changed in this version, but there are minor fixes


All configs is set to !true, replace with true to enable, everything else is explained in the code

|       Configs       |     Lines     |
| Cheat toggles       |   17  -   38  |
| Combat specific     |   40  -  170  |
| Smelting specific   |  173  -  229  |
| Potions specific    |  232  -  321  |
| Non-cheat           |  324  -  330  |
| Potions advanced    |  360  -  413  |


Cheat Features:

  • Auto combat
  • Auto smelting
  • Auto chop trees
  • Auto drink potions
  • Auto use oxygen tank
  • Auto use row boat
  • Auto use canoe boat

Non-Cheat Features:

  • Right click axe to chop trees
  • Right click rake to harvest crops

Details About Features

Right click axe to chop trees

You might guess it, I did use this before I developed the auto chop feature. All this does is chopping down trees that is ready when you right click the axe.

Right click rake to harvest crops

Again, pretty much the same as above, but for the farm.

Auto combat

Probably the best cheat after autoSmelt, fight against a pre-selected set of entities, use all spells, and watch your levels increase while you get just what you're trying to get! Have fun not doing combat manually at all in easy areas!

Okay, sure, I got to tell you the fact that, did you know you can toggle this on/off while playing, even in v1.4.0? Ohh, right, I haven't described how .. untill now!

Press F12 to open DevTools, find the console if it's not pre-selected, then you can use commands like this:

// This will just log if autoCombat is on or off, and which area is choosen

// Right, I know, this is the line you're interested in now! Toggle "autoCombat" on/off like this:
setCombatStatus(true); // This will turn it on, and replace "true" with "!true" or "false" to toggle off

// Wait a sec! There's yet another usage here! Select another area, just as simple as this:
setCombatStatus("lavaDungeon"); // it should NOT say "undefined", then you've misspelled the area name

Auto smelting

Sure, autoCombat has been amazing so far, but so have autoSmelt! In version 1.3.x, you can use an intelligent feature that will do some tests to find an ore that you want to smelt, but will filter the ore out from possible ores if it doesn't meet the criteria! Set a minimum and maximum amount of each ore, build your very own priority order, and have fun making money easier than ever before!

Auto chop trees

I'm pretty sure you'll love this, I can't remember when I last ever had to chop down a single tree manually because of this! All this feature is, is basically as it's named, it's chopping down all trees when they're ready!

I'm sorry that this feature has a minor bug, it sometimes tries to chop down a new tree, but the dialogue will be removed automatically anyway, so it shouldn't be too annoying anyway.

Auto drink potion

Have you ever created a lot of potions, but you forget to use it whenever you can? Now you can totally ignore it and let this script automate it for you! And that's not all of it, you can even code your very own loop that will do all the needed testing, brew new potions for you, enable/disable some (not all yet) features based on whatever you're testing!

All time based potions are fully supported, and it's easy to add upcomming potions as well if I'm not pushing new updates! Have fun with the v1.5.0 automated potions update! :D

Auto use oxygen tank

Note: DO NOT use this if you don't have the oxygen tank yet, or you might be banned!

This one is a bit more annoying, you can choose between using this feature and never get fish, or turn this off to get fish. Remember, the oxygen tank will bring oysters, fishbones, seaweed, and some ores, so it's not a bad choise to leave this on except that you don't get any fishing lvl tho...

Auto use Row Boat

Note: this will not work together with autoOxy, but leaving this on when turning autoOxy is just fine

Note: DO NOT use this if you don't have the row boat yet, or you might be banned!

This one is like oxygen tank, but instead of bringing stuff, it will bring fish to you. According to stats from top players, using the boat gives you less fishing XP vs time, but with the research, you might get a map sometimes by turning this on!

Auto use Canoe Boat

Note: just like autoRowBoat, this won't work with autoOxy, not autoRowBoat either, but leaving it on should be fine Note: DO NOT use this if you don't have the canoe yet, or you might be banned!

So, well, I don't really know much about the canoe yet, but if it's good, have fun tuning this on!