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Mouseover Popup Image Viewer

Shows images and videos behind links and thumbnails.

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This script is not being maintained anymore.

Feel free to fork. Snapshot of website here.

Works with links to image files, WebM videos and these sites:

500px, abload, amazon, coppermine photo galleries, cweb-pix, chronos, coreimg, damimage, depic, deviantart, dragimage, dropbox, ebay, euro-pic, facebook, fastpic, firepic, flickr, freeimgup, gallerynova, gallerysense, gfycat, gogoimage, hostingkartinok, hosturimage, hotimg, imagedecode, imagearn, imagebam, imageban, imagebunk, imageboom, imageer, imagefap, imageontime, imagepdb, imagepix,, imagescream, imageshack, imageshimage, imageshost, imageteam, imagetwist, imageupper, imagevenue, imagewaste, imagezilla, imdb, img4ever, imgbox, imgcandy, imgchili, imgdevil, imgdiamond, imgearn, imgflare, imgflash, imgflip, imgget, imggoo, imghit, imgjet, imgmega, imgnova, imgpaying, imgproof, imgrun, imgsee, imgserve, imgsen, imgspice, imgspot, imgsure, imgtheif, imgtrex, imgult, imgur, imgwiki,, instagram, istoreimg, itmages, lazygirls, ld-host, listal, livememe, lostpic, madimage, makeameme, minus, modelmayhem, ocaload, panoramio, photobucket, photosex, pic-maniac, pic4all, piccy, picexposed, picsee, picspornfree, picturescream, pimpandhost, pixhost, pixhub, pixliv, pixoverflow, pixroute, pixsor, pixxx, posteram, postimage, radikal, screenlist, seevine, sharenxs, stooorage, swoopic, turboimagehost, twitpic, twitter, upix, uplimg, vBulletin attachments, viewer.php, vine, wikipedia (and similiar), youtube, xxxscreens, xxxupload - How to add more?

open popupmove mouse cursor over thumbnail
close popupmove cursor off thumbnail, click, zoom out fully, ...
suppress/freeze popuphold down shift while entering/leaving thumbnail
force popup (ignore size threshold)       hold down ctrl while entering image element
activate zoomright-click or tap shift while popup is visible
adjust zoommouse wheel up/down to zoom in/out
flip through album (e.g. imgur)mouse wheel, j/k or left/right keys
open file in new tabpress "t" while popup is visible
download filepress "d" while popup is visible (Firefox + Chrome)
change settingsmonkey toolbar icon -> "User Script Commands" -> "Set up..."

  • Image dimensions and zoom level are shown in the tab title.
  • Some sites require an anti-hotlinking workaround. You might see a progress bar and odd filenames when it's being used.
  • If videos don't play, check your content-blocking extensions and browser settings.
    Firefox users: Don't touch media.autoplay.enabled and be aware that Flashblock also blocks HTML5 videos by default.
  • The download feature is in an experimental state and not recommended for large files. "Save as" will not appear until the whole file has been loaded into memory. So don't hit the "d" key repeatedly. Press it once and wait.
  • If you want to disable this script on certain sites, add them to your script manager's exclude list.
    Firefox users: Open "Add-ons" -> "User Scripts" -> "Options" and write something like*.
  • Icon taken from Developer Kit by Burak Ozturk.
  • Changelog
  • Firefox/Chrome + Violentmonkey/Tampermonkey
  • Opera 12 + Violentmonkey