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Ziehen Sie den Link zum Kopieren von Text

Kopieren Sie den Text eines Links, indem Sie ihn einfach ziehen.

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The Problem

If you are like me who frequently copies text of links for some reason or another, then you might know how irritating it can be to select the text without accidentally opening it or selecting the blank spaces around the link.

The Solution

Using this script you can copy the text simply by dragging the link for any distance and dropping it. Drag Link to Copy Text

The Drawback

This script poses a problem when you try to drag the link and drop it to create a bookmark, which causes the latest item on your clipboard to be replaced. (Although I don't think there are many people who do this.) I will try to find a workaround. Note: Since Windows 10 October 2018 Update, the in-built clipboard can be accessed using Win + . to mitigate this issue.